About 47 Jobner Bagh

Jobner Bagh was once part of the Maharaja of Jobner’s gardens. Located in the center of Jaipur, one of Rajathan’s royal cities, 47 JobnerBagh stays true to the history of the area by cultivating and maintaining a beautiful and historic garden.

Opposite the hotel are the original walls of the gardens and from the terrace a view of the Aravali hills with its Tiger Fort and Ganesh Temple, a very important temple for the Hindu religion.

47 Jobner Bagh Guest House

Behind the scenes

J47 Jobner Bagh is a nice contribution from our friends from all over the world.

While staying in India, away from home, they found comfort and friendship sharing their opinions , experience and thoughts which are the foundation on this charming guest house.

House home for travelers who away from home , have found comfort in this luxury guest house.

Our journey would not have been possible without our beautiful and close friends as late Paola Giacomini, a very good architect who started this journey with us. Unfortunately she could not complete her dream project in India and we continued with her idea and thoughts.

Friends like Oscar, Rita and Federico are the soul of Jobner Bagh and have been with us for more than 20 years. Their support has made Jobner Bagh more beautiful and charming. The magic touch of Federico (Interior Designer) in interiors is magnificent, simple but elegant. He demonstrated his talent all over the world by creating beautiful hotels, houses and restaurants.

47 Jobner Bagh Guest House
47 Jobner Bagh Guest House
47 Jobner Bagh Guest House